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Rules 15/2/2019

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Basic rules


  • No RDM (random death match)
  • No CDM (random car death match)
  • No RDA  (random arrest)
  • Don't brake NLR (new life rule) 
    NLR timer is 5 minutes 
  • Do not spam (mic. chat. props Etc)
  • Don't disrespect any players or staff
  • Don't fail RP/Fear RP of any sorts 

Raiding rule 

  • Raid timer 30 minutes for the same base and 20 for and different base
    and a raid can only take up to 15 minutes before you have to leave
  • Always advert before and after you are done raiding
  • You can only raid with people in your own gang or people you are basing with
    You can not raid the same base twice in row you have to raid another base before you raid the same once more

Building rules

  •  1 way props are allowed but not shooting through them
  •  You are allowed max 5 Fading doors (Anti-pick lock doors count as two)
  •  Each player is only allowed to own 1 base
  •  In order to make a gang base (Large base) you need 4 or more people and permission from the highest   ranking staff online.
  •  Do not FDA ( Fading doors abuse)
  •  Hidden Rooms are not allowed
  •  No no-collided/invisible bases or secret rooms
  •  Keypads must be clearly visible
  •  Your fading doors must be on for 8 seconds minimum
  •  Do not propblock rooms
  •  Do not hide your printers inside other props making them untouchable
  •  Fake keypads are not allowed
  •  You need to have a keypad for every fading door
  •  Do not build in the middle of the street only sides if you are a Hobo
  •  You cannot print or bitcoin mine with a building sign
  •  You cannot build in admin only accessible areas
  •  Parkour bases are not allowed
  •  Mega Bases after being approved can have max 5 fading doors at the entrance and 2 per individual inside   their own base inside. To build a mega base you need at least 4 people and below 60 players
  •  You are unable to use the black material in cases such as base raiding/building
  •  Slide bases are not allowed
  •  Building on the water is not allowed and the base will be removed if you fail to comply
     Faded Ramps are not allowed nor is usable for fading doors.

Police rules TBA

Job rules 


  • You are allowed to commit in Self Defenc
  • Can Base
  • Cannot own printer
  • Must obey the laws of the government
  • Cannot Raid, Carjack, Kidnap, Mug and generally cannot commit crimes.


Cinema Owner

  • Follow the same government as Citizen
  • Cannot Raid, Carjack, Kidnap, Mug or commit crimes
  • You must listen to requests given by visitors unless it is deemed inappropriate
  • Only you can build props in the cinema

Gun dealer 

  •  same government rules as Citizen
  • It will be classified as a crime if you are caught supplying in public
  • Has to make a gun shop in public and cannot base with the good and bad
  • You are allowed to print
  • IMPORTANT: Self Supply as a Gun Dealer will result in a warn

Hobo/lord of hobos

  • Follows same government rules as citizen,
  • cannot base in buildings or own a car while you are still a Hobo
  • Can base in front of people’s houses or side walks
  • Can’t own printers or bitcoin mine


Hotel manager 

  • Follows the same government as Citizen
  • Basing must be done in a Hotel 
  • You can charge anything Below $25,000
  • You can own a room in the Bases, Yet they must be bottom/smallest room.
  • Failure to set up a Base as this job within 15 minutes can classify as FailRP



  • Follows the same government and gun rules as Citizen
  • Can base with others if they wish, both good and bad.
  • Medic’s must follow the Hippocratic Oath they took, and cannot deny healing to anyone
  • They must follow the “do no harm” quote and doctorate rule, this means no hurting or killing whatever situation


Taxi Driver

  • Same initial rules and laws as Citizen
  • Can drive around anyone for either an agreed upon price by both the driver or the customer or a reasonable price made my the driver at the end
  • Any lawbreakers that partake in the taxi ride can have the police called on them by the Drivers
  • Intentionally misleading players and wasting time will be classified as FailRP


  • Same initial rules and laws as Citizen
  • AFK Mining IS NOT allowed
  • IMPORTANT: Cannot propblock ores to avoid death. This will result in a warn.


Black market dealer

  • Unlike the gun dealer you shops will be counted as illegal
  • if any law law enforcement see you selling anything the may arrest you 
  • all you weapons are illegal to sell even if the buyer have a gun license 
  • you can sell to any one 
  • IMPORTANT any self supply will result in a warn


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