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  1. R.Hawkins

    Public mega Thread

    I took this idea an as of now there is a 5 pm Garry's mod stream almost every day. Here is the discord for those who are interested in playing or just chatting also my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEL67fLQfC1XoqXCymyYN-Q
  2. R.Hawkins


    you should make a baseball thread!
  3. R.Hawkins

    Public mega Thread

    I would like to welcome @Rezeh and his FiveM community to our site. Welcome aboard 🙂
  4. R.Hawkins

    Public mega Thread

    ya what day do you guys think would be cool an this is open to everyone
  5. R.Hawkins

    Public mega Thread

    #longtimenotalk I would love if we all could have a game day like once every 2 week or something as we all haven't played together in a long time
  6. R.Hawkins

    Public mega Thread

    General bug fix todsy colour theme was off on some threads new forum for staff and mods today. Feel free to post bugs.
  7. R.Hawkins

    Tim hortons

    What's your favorite drink from Tim's.
  8. R.Hawkins


    Whats your loadout or favorite setup
  9. R.Hawkins

    Tim hortons

    whats your favorite 🍩 (donut) rap or other item from tim's.
  10. R.Hawkins

    Public mega Thread

    Ya i really like it needs a bit of tweaking but looks really nice.
  11. R.Hawkins

    Public mega Thread

    hey guys & gals. let's all post here in the mega thread. chat here, guys. if you enjoy discord you can also join here https://discord.gg/YmbEJBG
  12. R.Hawkins

    Garry's MOD Server Development Start

    ON this Date we ill start development of METRORP then other servers to follow
  13. R.Hawkins

    FOG Staff Meeting

  14. R.Hawkins


    dear turtle I am posting to inform you that this post is in the wrong section and I will move it for you. also to answer your question ECSRP has CLOSED. as for the reason for this said closure, I am currently as now i am Not privilege of informing you. what I can say is that there will be a public post made in the right tread about it an explaining why the Head Admins closed the community. Cheers R.Hawkins CEO FOG-H
  15. R.Hawkins

    Coming Soon

    After I have 5 Clients I will start publicly hosting Gmod servers at a rough cost of 80 USD For 128 Slot 80 GB no bandwidth cap in Montreal, QC, Canada. keep in mind this is a dedicated server an runs 3.1 GHz at 4 cores. after we have more than 25 clients I will upgrade infrastructure. any existing clients will remain on single dedicated servers in less asked to be moved. I will keep this thread open if anyone has questions feel free to post here i will answer them.

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