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    Coming Soon

    After I have 5 Clients I will start publicly hosting Gmod servers at a rough cost of 80 USD For 128 Slot 80 GB no bandwidth cap in Montreal, QC, Canada. keep in mind this is a dedicated server an runs 3.1 GHz at 4 cores. after we have more than 25 clients I will upgrade infrastructure. any existing clients will remain on single dedicated servers in less asked to be moved. I will keep this thread open if anyone has questions feel free to post here i will answer them.
  3. @Sheriff - The Sheriff's Primary responsibility is to over see the well being of the department from a non-objective role, as such this placement in command will not favor one side or the other, and will instead pass judgment and decisions in a manor that is deemed best for the department as a hole. @Chief Deputy - The Chief Deputy is the second to last highest rank in the Sheriff Department, in absence of the Sheriff it will become his duty to ensure the best interest of the department. Aside from this responsibility, the Chief Deputy will aide & guide Sheriff command staff in the best way he/she is able to do such. @BCSD Major - BCSD Major is a role that has been a truly earned position through dedication, participation & loyalty to his/her department. The Major is what's considered the team leader of the Sheriff command staff. This role is an administrative role in the department as a whole, and combined with their fellow commanders they will ensure that promotions, demotions, and disciplinary actions are given fairly and each is justified with substantial backing for such. @BCSD Lieutenant - For what most would consider a military grade rank in all the ranks that can be earned with departments, our Lieutenant is the one whom is making sure that all Recruits/Probationary Deputy's are trained correctly as well as watching what's going on in the field during their patrol shift. @BCSD Sergeant - Sergeant has been a well deserved and earned title for this Deputy of the Sheriff department, his/her time served and attendance for patrols both scheduled and not scheduled has allowed this person to be a point of authority for other members of the Sheriff Department. The Sergeant rank is there to act as a Supervisor role as needed out in the field and to give aid to fresh Deputy's in their journey as a member of the Blaine County Sheriff Department. You are considered the second point of contact in the ranks of the Sheriff Department. @BCSD Corporal - *As a Corporal in the Sheriff Department you are the first point of contact for disputes and assistance between deputy's and their fellow patrons they encounter every day, as you've moved up in the ranks of the Blaine County Sheriff Department you have shown your ability to lead others in times of need or in overwhelming odds in the field. @Deputy III - Deputy III is the first placement in the chain of command for supervisor roles. Your time spent will be assessed and judged by your fellow members of the Sheriff department, having already completed the basic levels of being a sheriff, you are now able to take ride alongs for those entering, or refreshing themselves with the Sheriff department. With this you will be able to as well advertly test and check a recruit and/or Deputy's ability to perform the essential functions of our departments required needs and the things they've been shown by Field Training Officers. It will be your duty and responsibility to ensure that certified Deputy's are prepared for their work they will encounter.(edited) @Deputy & @Deputy II - As an established & knowledge members of the Sheriff Department your training has earned you a firm spot within our family. We welcome you and cant wait to see how you fit in with the Blaine County Sheriff Department. Your duty's & responsibility's is to ensure that all of Blaine County is covered, no member of this department is to be crowded into a small space, we are in charge of a vast area of patrolling- so it is important that we cover as much ground as we can, ensure that you are always being safe and maintaining patrol logs and/or reporting incidents to the needed member of staffing. @BCSD Recruit - Welcome to the Sheriff Department. You have chosen to join us, and we are proud to have you with our team. There are a few things you must know and understand before you will be allowed to be out on your own. 1- We take our ranks & jobs very seriously, we will not tolerate nor allow someone to make a mochery of our department, if you are found doing this, you and anyone else involved will be removed from the BCSD. 2- The Training you receive from a member of the Field Training Officers is to be remembered and upheld at all times, failure to do such can/will result in revoke of trained status and/or removal of your placement with our department. 3- Chain of Command is to be followed at all times, while we are all very approachable people- things pertaining to in game and/or role play is expected to be adhered to department rules. 4- Respect is to be given, and maintained at all costs, failure to do such may result in termination. 5- Supervisor & Command ruling is final. Arguing such will not end well for you. @BCSD Reservist - As a Reservist, your are given more capability then your civilian counter part. While you are considered a deputy within our department, you are more of a assistant to our deputy's when it's needed. Your primary role will be to assist other Deputy's when they've requested an additional unit, transport prisoners and assist with booking & investigations, you will also be allocated the ability to take on air tasks with certified members of the Blaine County Sheriff Department. You are in all aspect's as much of a deputy as any other, but without as much of the expectation & burden.
  4. R.Hawkins

    BCSD Current roster

    Congratulations to The Following for their promotion & ranks: @FLUFFY517 - Chief Deputy @Dalton T. | 1-D-2 - Sergeant @D. Cubbin - Deputy II @ƦΞƝΞǤΛÐΞ - Our Newest Blaine County Sheriff Recruit You've all been given these ranks as a place to begin. Your progression or digression is dependent upon your activity & participation in our patrols, the community society as a whole and performance. No rank is Permanent for anyone, anyone can move up, or down.. If you show that you're willing to work harder for that special rank then the current placeholder, you will have a fair and equal chance at it. Sincerely Yours, Gideon Grey Blaine County Sheriff
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    Vehicle Structure

  6. R.Hawkins

    LSPD Current roster

    Department Supervisors/IT: Trevor W. [Chief Of Police] Thomas H. [SIT] -------------------------------------------------- Department Officers: Officer Riouxk
  7. R.Hawkins

    Coming Soon

    here at FOG-H, We are committed to providing the best posable game servers my staff has 5 years hosting game services from Minecraft to Arma 3. are doors will be opening as we will be providing services for your personal needs a group clan need at a lowered cost than competitors. I can not post a date as of yet. I will post more info when I can.
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