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FS 17 server

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the FS 17 server is white-list only as of now due to trolls and immature Players 

the app for getting white-list will be open in the next coming days. 

as a heads up giving out the password is a ban able offence and will not be taken lightly. if Ur found to be playing with out being white-listed u get one warning and kicked. if u rejoin or are found to be playing after the warning and are not on the white-list u will be banned.

I wanted to keep the server public BUT i just cant with the people doing what has been done.

IF u what to play right now Message me in the discord for the first temp password the password will change every Friday at midnight Est


have a good day Guys 

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This server has moved to ecsrp information to be posted soon this thread will be closed 

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