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  1. Killerghost

    Ban Appeal Format

    Ban Appeal Format Name: SteamID: Link to ban thread(if applicable): Short paragraph on why you should be unbanned:
  2. Killerghost

    Server Rules

    Basic Rules: Don't minge with props, meaning prop climbing, prop blocking, prop spamming etc. (Can't stress this one enough) Don't be an asshat, have fun and enjoy the server, raging over the mic isn't fun to others. Don't mic spam/chat spam. No racism of any kind will be tolerated. Using any type of hack, glitch or bug that that leaves you at an advantage to other players will get you banned. Don't impersonate a staff member, this is an offence that is taken very seriously. RP Rules Don't RDM(Random Death Match), unless you are fighting a rival gang. There is no such thing as a kos line, don't make them. There is no such thing as a building sign, don't make them. Don't abuse a job to benefit you for another job. Fading door limit is 4 Fading door minimum time limit is 5 seconds One way props are allowed No bases that make other players have to use things to get in. IE: Tools, Props. If you are found in someones base without being invited, they have the right to kill you. Don't block entities with props unless they have a keypad/fading door or something that can let other players get to them. Keypads are allowed wherever you want, but must be accessible to other players easily. Don't purposely run massive amounts of people over with a vehicle. Don't be the douche who doesn't follow any of these rules, consequences aren't fun... Don't Turret Trap, this is a dick move.

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