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  1. Forbidden Radio

    Here it is again another great revamp Dance-club and chart topers
  2. FS 17 server

    the FS 17 server is white-list only as of now due to trolls and immature Players the app for getting white-list will be open in the next coming days. as a heads up giving out the password is a ban able offence and will not be taken lightly. if Ur found to be playing with out being white-listed u get one warning and kicked. if u rejoin or are found to be playing after the warning and are not on the white-list u will be banned. I wanted to keep the server public BUT i just cant with the people doing what has been done. IF u what to play right now Message me in the discord for the first temp password the password will change every Friday at midnight Est have a good day Guys
  3. discord

    come join us on discord
  4. ARMA 3 Life STABLE Update

    this server has been shutdown! topic closed!
  5. from the sounds of things I will have a stable update for or life server the map and mods are being added right now the server is vanilla with scripts like ear plugs and hud. I've been adding things daily.  I am currently looking for players on this and other servers. Cheers DJ_SKY